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for the Banu Haqim



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Fri Feb 22, 2008, 6:34 AM
wow you must have been
Sat Feb 2, 2008, 4:47 PM


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sort of a my head, anyway, :lmao:

Current Residence: In a galaxy far, far away...(Benton, AR)

Favourite genre of music: Punk Rock (Both Christian and Secular) and Orchestra

Favourite style of art: My own

Favourite cartoon character: Hiei(YYH), Kaiba(YGO!), Dinobot(TF: BW), Nightscream(TF: BM), Jazz/Skywarp(G1), Throttle (BMFM)

Personal Quote: I just saved a ton of Energon on my Autobot insurance by switching to Geico!

Fan-Fic Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 10:47 AM

:iconty-chou: put together this little questionnaire out of curiosity...I decided to fill it out :)


Which are your favorite fandoms to read?
---Star Wars, Mass Effect, and Transformers are my top choices

Where do you go to find fan fiction?

What do you look for when choosing fics to read?
---It really depends. I prefer "additions" to cannon. I'm very weird like that. If you're going to do a fan-fiction, at least be a credit to the original work. Chopping the lore and making it something it's not (like I have seen in almost EVERY Harry Potter fiction) is annoying. If you want to write an original story, don't waste it on fan-fiction. If you want to write fan-fiction, make me believe in it.

How picky are you in what you choose to read?
---As seen in the aforementioned answer, I can't really buy into "what ifs" or super over-the-top OP fan-fictions. I also rather detest crossover fics.

What are your favorite genres to read?
---Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Parodies

Which genres/tropes do you avoid?
---Slash/Yaoi/Yuri as they are the most ridiculous pair-ups and are nothing more than the wet dreams of straight girls rather than supporting the LGBT community. I also steer clear of crossovers and anything that has to do with Harry Potter, not because I dislike Harry Potter, far from it, but the fan fictions are completely ludicrous.

Do prefer to read long chapter stories or one shots?
---I like both as long as they are done well.

How much fanfiction do you read on average?
---Not as much as I use to. In high school, I read a LOT of it. Now that I'm writing professionally, I rarely have time to read.

Any favorite/least favorite tropes you constantly see in your fandoms?
---besides slash? I hate when writers try to turn the characters into gods. I don't even want to get into the BS Star Wars/Harry Potter story my fiancé read where he miraculously turned Vader back into a full human as long as he promised to never use the Dark Side again. Somebody shoot me.

Any turn offs that might- or have- caused you to stop reading a fic?
---see previous answers, but specifically all of the crossovers and Harry Potter fictions my fiancé bores/irritates me with.

Any fics (not written by you) you would recommend to other readers?
---"So Not My Problem" and "The Jedi Kind of Had it Coming" are KoToR and KoToR II parodies by Sarah1281 on fan They will have you rolling with laughter.


What caused you to start writing fanfiction?
---Tekken 3. After playing Tekken 3 in an arcade in Texas, I found a love for the character Hwoarang. I was 14 years old then and was a HOPELESS romantic. My first fiction was about him and what became my first Mary-Sue. She wasn't that bad of one, but she was one, nonetheless. But I was 14, so I have no regrets! 

How long have you been writing fanfiction?
---15 years.

Which fandoms have you written for in the past 5 years?
---Mass Effect, Marvel Comics, and Left4Dead

What's the first fandom you ever wrote for?
---Tekken game series

What are your favorite genres to write?
---Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Adventure

How much time do you spend writing fanfics?
---I used to work on my fics every day, but now it's maybe once a month

Do you prefer to write one shots or chapter fics?
---both, depending on how I'm feeling.

What story aspects do you find to be difficult to write?
---I don't really. I'm a creative writing major. few things stump me nowadays

What is the easiest thing to write?

Is there a fandom you haven't written for but want to?
---can't think of one right now, but I'm sure there is one or two.

What do you consider your greatest strength as a writer?
---Character development

Greatest weakness?
---the placing of the semicolon. Most writers hate the semicolon, but I am a little too fond of it...

As a fanfic writer, how important is canon or keeping in character to you?
---VERY. I cannot abide reading a fan fiction where characters act outside of their true personalities.

AUs: love them or hate them? Why?
---MILDLY Hate them. Every AU I have come across has overly super-powered main characters--specifically Harry Potter, once again--I hate hate hate when writers create heroes that have no weaknesses or flaws. I can't invest in such a cheap character. 

Tell us where we can find your fanfics.
---Shei B. Kroeker on

For my own curiosity-

Have you read any of my fanfics?
---No, but I have researched your OC's, like BlitzAngel. You have great concepts, and I'd like to read them someday

If yes, how did you first find them?

Lastly, any fanfic questions you'd like to see me answer?
---How often have you found yourself writing a fan fiction only to realize it would make a much better original story than a fan fiction?

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hahaha! Yeah, that about sums it up!
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Thanks for the fav.
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